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The Metro

Sleepy City brings us a wonderful photo exposé of The Paris Metro. The pictures are beautiful and they bring back great memories I have of Paris. The site is experiencing heavy web traffic now, but if you’re patient enough you will be rewarded with some great photography. If patience isn’t your cup of tea, you can view the pictures from this Flickr account.

80 Gigapixel returns

and now you can add London to the list. Enjoy…

Franklin, on the TSA

Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.








Down Time

Not even the IMAX film of the Galapagos Islands can prepare you for the trip. Everything you could possibly imagine is immediately thrown away the minute you set foot on the sand. Even after spending an hour amongst the marine iguanas, the myriad of birds and sea lions you’re still in awe. For part of the time I was sure that prehistoric birds and dinosaurs would make an appearance…

This trip is definitely now amongst the top 5 vacations Karen and I have taken and being able to experience it with our niece and nephews made it very special indeed. I haven’t laughed and smiled this much in a long time…

Galapagos Sand

There are so many highlights of the trip that I could tell stories for hours. I guess you could say that I had more fun than I imagined possible. Sure, the flights were endless, the mornings early and occasionally the days were hot but I’d never trade the experience for anything. Whether it was swimming with penguins and tortoises, playing Shanghai ’til all hours of the night, staring at the milky way with Karen looking for shooting stars or laughing without end at the dinner table; it was a perfect vacation.

travelers of the Galapagos

We’re glad to be back home again but both of us know that our travel muse only lies dormant for now. It quietly whispers to us, speaking of far off lands and adventures still to be had. Africa, Peru, The Greek Islands..? I can’t wait.

Bon Voyage

I am now hours away from our vacation to the Galapagos Islands and I am finally getting excited about the trip. Usually, it takes a bit for me to warm up to the idea of travel. Most of this apprehension is because I hate change and traveling always brings it share of unexpected upheaval. Tomorrow, I’ll be in the full swing of things and I’m looking forward to being completely disconnected from my job, my cell phone and the internet. I can’t wait to spend some serious time with my camera, my book and my niece & nephews. So, this is good-bye for now – see you all in July…