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I will be traveling to Japan for business in 2012. I will not come back home until I’ve had a meal at Jiro’s sushi bar and trained on the tatami at the Bujinkan Honbu Dojo floor. I eagerly await both…



Karen and I are part of a wedding that will celebrate a long standing relationship between two friends of ours. It’s going to be a ‘destination wedding’ and the scenery will definitely make it an affair to remember. After the OMD concert, we got in the car and headed up to join the respective bride and groom and helped sort out as many pieces of the puzzle as we could. We had a fun time, in spite of the long drive and lack of sleep and thankfully we managed to get a lot done. I’m looking forward to the day of, seeing as we will have a view of the lake that will be amazing. I’m flattered to be part of the wedding and I can’t wait to stand up for the two of them when the time comes for their vows.

South Lake Tahoe


This makes me want to get on a plane – now.

MOVE from Rick Mereki.

Moah Tilt Shift is bettah

The Village from Pedro Sousa.

Brother from another mother

This adventure started with my cousin calling me and asking if I wanted to be backstage for a Howard Jones concert… Before he could say anything else I had already exclaimed – Yes! He proceeded to inform me that his company would be handling the sound mix for the venue and he would have unprecedented access to the show. I couldn’t wait.

Now, in case you don’t know, I’m an uber HoJo fan. I have liked him since his first single, have been a member of his fan club all these years, have just about every piece of vinyl and silicon he has ever released on 4 different continents and I’ve dragged significant others to every show that he’s brought to my home town within a radius of a 100 miles. So yeah, I like his music…

The icing on the cake of course would be spending time with Louie and his family. We often joke that we should have been brothers and our wives got to see that while we were together. Louie is a Sound Engineer and has as much an appreciation for music as I do. Having both been musicians and DJs, we’ve got enough of a background to be music whores. I’m still jealous that he does it for a living and when he got his gig at Pandora I really became envious.

Louie and I are pretty laid back and I was looking forward to taking some time off and just hanging out. Karen of course was looking forward to a road trip and possible culinary adventures. We made our way up to Sunnyvale to my cousin’s house, windows down – music turned up.

We had a great time throughout the weekend and the concert was fabulous. Being backstage was a real treat. We knocked off two more of our TripleD destinations and in the process had some great food. I also got to trade some more music and play old school video games on the Santa Cruz boardwalk. I was nice to be a bit nostalgic and remember the time Luis and I had spent together as teens and 20 year olds.

I don’t think he’ll ever live down here again but I have my fingers crossed. Who knows what the future holds – right? For now I can console myself with future invitations to more concerts and possible meet-ups with some of my favorite bands and artists.


The idea to take mom home came to us a while ago. It was with fierce determination that we made plans, bought tickets and prepared ourselves for the task ahead. We knew that the trip wasn’t going to be easy, but also knew that it would be rewarding. We crossed our fingers and hoped for the best, unfortunately, we had some setbacks along the way and no less then 4 days before we left we decided that we would have to leave mom home. The decision was bittersweet but we consoled ourselves in it’s correctness.

And just like that, the overall tempo of the trip changed. We managed to get the airline ticket exchanged and my nephew Chris was able to join us. Twelve hours later we found ourselves in Amsterdam and our adventure began as quickly as we got there.

Karen, Brittany, Kyle and I joined Tessa and her boyfriend Menno at Paradiso where we got to see The Kooks. Even though we were a bit grubby from the flight and tired from the travel we had a great evening. Our vacation was in full swing.

Karen found us a wonderful place to stay (Vinca Minor) and we were greeted by an expansive property out in the countryside, located in what the Dutch term as their “Bible Belt”. We woke up to a scenic back yard and plenty of exploring. Brittany became fast friends with the horses on the property and the boys and I found some space where I could teach them some Limalama.

The following 11 days consisted of almost daily excursions, day trips and sightseeing. We visited many a small town, rode bikes in the northern part of the country, explored Amsterdam and hosted the Dutch half of our family to an American BBQ. I’ve never had so much ice cream in my life and I definitely miss the traditional Dutch breakfast fixings.

Karen and I had a wonderful vacation and it only made us long for the time that we would be able to move abroad and begin a new chapter in our lives together. There is so much to appreciate about Europe and The Netherlands is one of a few favorite countries that we know we would be happy in.

All too soon the trip was over but we have great memories and of course… pictures.

and we’re off…

posts to follow, but probably not for a bit. Today we board a plane for The Netherlands and I’m looking forward to soaking up as much as I can of the experience with all my travel mates. Bon Vonyage everyone – Amsterdam, here we come!

Break away

For our anniversary I decided to get Karen out of the city and up to our favorite haunts along the 101. If there was ever a bit of heaven in our mind, it definitely has to be the rolling hills of California’s central coast. And what’s not to love? Sprawling land as far as you can see, the ocean, quaint towns and wine (lots of wine).

It was a much needed break and we enjoyed getting away and being able to shut everything out for a bit. We did our typical leisurely drive up the 101 and hit our favorite eateries on the way there and on the way back. We stayed in our favorite city up there, Cambria and from there we visited old and new sites alike.

The highlight of the trip was spending time with some friends who own a ranch that seems to go on forever. Maybe one day in the future we’ll join them and be able to enjoy the scenery on a persistent basis.

The weekend seemed all too short but it was a fun and extremely relaxing. Here are some of the pics we took while we were there.

The past, all mashed up

There are great Google Map mash-ups and there are some that leave you wondering why they even bothered… Sometimes people can get carried away with the information they decide to visualize in “the cloud”. I’ve always been fascinated by photography of time gone by, the voyeuristic effect taking on a whole new dimension when you’re peering back through time. Recently I’ve stumbled onto a mash-up that brings my love of maps and old photos together: What was there?

Creating a window into our past (at least the locations that they have available), this site does it in a very clever way. Though my neighboring areas aren’t listed yet, there are some great landmarks that you can visit and get a feel for what they were like at the turn of the century. This isn’t so much of a time waster as it is an experience.

Worth the experience

Explore museums from around the world, discover and view hundreds of artworks at incredible zoom levels, and even create and share your own collection of masterpieces.

I give you The Google Art Project