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Why I love film…

Plot Device from Red Giant.

Our new obsession

Syphon, Intelligentsia

Just hangin’

Birds of a feather, flock together” and sometimes you’re able to see this phenomena happen. Here are some great pictures that let you share in that moment.

The past, all mashed up

There are great Google Map mash-ups and there are some that leave you wondering why they even bothered… Sometimes people can get carried away with the information they decide to visualize in “the cloud”. I’ve always been fascinated by photography of time gone by, the voyeuristic effect taking on a whole new dimension when you’re peering back through time. Recently I’ve stumbled onto a mash-up that brings my love of maps and old photos together: What was there?

Creating a window into our past (at least the locations that they have available), this site does it in a very clever way. Though my neighboring areas aren’t listed yet, there are some great landmarks that you can visit and get a feel for what they were like at the turn of the century. This isn’t so much of a time waster as it is an experience.

Famous Objects

According to my Netflix profile, I have taken in over 4,000 films. I know it may seem like a lot… Well, I guess it is a lot of movies, but in my defense, I’ve never watched a sporting event on television, maybe they cancel each other out..? In any case, I’m always drawn to movie trivia whether it be in the form of games or quizzes. A favorite of mine used to the the website where they would eliminate the characters of the film stills and you’d have to guess the movie. With “Famous Objects from Classic Movies” there is another twist to contend with.

For those of you who consider yourself well versed or even partially exposed to film this site gives you one more way of wasting time at work at home, in between all the other important things you have to get done…

Worth the experience

Explore museums from around the world, discover and view hundreds of artworks at incredible zoom levels, and even create and share your own collection of masterpieces.

I give you The Google Art Project

1 for the Upvote

Sometimes, the truth should be this obvious…

The Metro

Sleepy City brings us a wonderful photo exposé of The Paris Metro. The pictures are beautiful and they bring back great memories I have of Paris. The site is experiencing heavy web traffic now, but if you’re patient enough you will be rewarded with some great photography. If patience isn’t your cup of tea, you can view the pictures from this Flickr account.

Just plain cool

80 Gigapixel returns

and now you can add London to the list. Enjoy…