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A little bit of nice

…goes a lot further than you think! The world could use more positive sentiment. Who knows, maybe it could lead to action – now there’s a crazy thought…


This makes me want to get on a plane – now.

MOVE from Rick Mereki.

Life Giver

Often, when you think about Astro Photography, the first thing that comes to mind is space. There are so many incredible photographs of galaxies beyond and the star systems that are found there. One of the most overlooked celestial bodies is at the center of our immediate universe – our sun.

True, there are some beautiful pictures of our sun, but the pictures captured by Alan Friedman are truly unique. Using some interesting filters and a webcam, Alan uses a technique called “stacking” to create some of the most awe inspiring snapshots I have ever seen. This is the kind of work that makes me long for space travel…

Our Sun

The Perseids

For all of you who like to star gaze or just enjoy a good meteor shower, The Perseids are currently visiting the night sky. The peak times for best viewing will occur tonight for the denizens of North America and tomorrow for those of you in Eurasia. Pick a spot, bundle up and warm up your favorite drink – if your timing is right you’ll be treated to a pretty special event. For those camera geeks out there take your tripod along and make sure you set it up for a long exposure. Remember, star gazing is more fun when you share it with someone so don’t be afraid to drag friends or a special someone along to enjoy the show.