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Delta Machine

The most memorable Depeche Mode concert I attended was the tour for ‘Black Celebration’. In my opinion, this is still their best album to date. As I watched, enthralled, as Martin moved about on stage striking various tools and cooking implements hung from a platform. Each strike created a programmed cacophony of MIDI music and it was in that moment I thought to myself – I want to do that, I want to be a musician.

Well, it’s been more than 20 years since that night and I’ve remained a fan. Though the musician bit didn’t pan out, I still have an obsessive love affair with music and my roots run deep in the ‘big hair days’. I continue to be surprised to see who of my ’80s heroes keep making music but I’m beginning to think that groups like Depeche Mode won’t really ever die. Somehow they’ll find a way to keep on being part of the airwaves.

The boys from Basildon are back and here’s a taste of their new album:


Upstream Color

It’s been almost a decade since I was entranced by a small film, made almost entirely by a recluse story teller and filmmaker. That film was called ‘Primer’. I have since watched that film many times over trying to solidify my understanding of the story line and perhaps come across new aspects of the story line that I had missed.

Since the release of Primer I have waited for another story and I have hoped that it would captivate me as much as the first…

Apparently my wait is over.


L.A. Vibe

This is the kind of randomness you can find when you are denizen of ‘The City of Angels’. This is my favorite cover of this song and you can hear why…


The eye of the beholder

Zebra (WWF)

Heading DWNTWN

A smashing version of one of my favorite songs. Really makes me miss my 20s…

Lego House


I’ve never been a fan of iTunes. There are various reasons behind this, but I think that it’s mostly due to the DRM controls that Apple has had to put in place to appease the music industry. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m still a fan of the original product; SoundJam. SoundJam was a lightweight, full featured and extensible music player. Cassidy & Greene’s version of Winamp for the Mac was awesome, but therein lies the problem. It was so good that Apple decided to buy it than to try and compete with it. Of the two products that I loved back then, SoundJam and Audion, SoundJam was picked to become the world’s most recognizable music player of all time.

After the product was bought and development began by some of the original SoundJam developers and Apple’s own development team I had hopes. As it turned out the loyal fans of SoundJam realized that iTunes was a mere shadow of it’s original self and a complete disappointment for those of us who enjoyed the tweaking aspect of the previous version. Ever since, in my opinion, it has gotten worse… bigger, more feature laden, slower and harder to manage your music library. Now, don’t get me wrong, I can’t argue against its success and I can understand its mass market appeal, as well as some of the design choices that Apple made. After all, iTunes is so much more than just a mere mp3 player, but that’s the reason I ultimately abandoned the product and what it it looks like today.

If iTunes were a fighter, it would be overweight and out of shape and that’s sad. So many limitations and not enough time to talk about all of them… Needless to say I’ve been looking for a worthwhile replacement for a LONG time and… behold, I have finally found one. Enter Enqueue.

Now, before you start getting all rebuttals going, I’ll be the first to admit that Enqueue is not for everyone, and that’s okay. I was looking for some specific things and though Enqueue doesn’t have all the features I think it should have, it makes up for it in simplicity and power. The best part about Enqueue is that I can add multiple folders for it to “watch” and it supports most of the music file formats out there, including FLAC, which is the most important. You can create playlists and you can edit tags just like in iTunes, but this app is all about keeping all of your libraries under one roof and playing them without a hiccup.

No more worrying about adding things to iTunes and then removing them when I’m done. No more having to convert files from one format to another and compromising sound quality. I can work and rework my library at the Finder level and Enqueue continues to roll with the punches. This feature alone made a compelling argument due to the heavy rotation of music I trudge through on a weekly basis. I love this product so much that I actually paid for the app… yes, you heard me, ”paid” for it – and that’s a rare thing indeed.

I highly recommend Enqueue for those of you who are just looking for a great music player; not genius, not streaming audio, not the app store or managing an electronic device… Maybe you don’t even realize that you’re putting up with a lot just to hear some great music, so why not find out and see if that’s the case…

And for those of you who are obsessed with the best audio… give Audirvana Free a shot. This player is definitely the ugly step child of MP3 players but the best part about it is that it uses Apple’s Core Audio Engine and for the purest quality of sound, nothing beats Audirvana cranking out your favorite album (FLAC version of course) over a good pair of earphones. Believe me, it’s a difference you can hear and it will definitely put a smile on your face.

The Mythical Koto

There is something very spiritual and profound about the process of sword making. Being able to possess anyone of these weapons is an undeniable pleasure and being able to wield them properly is almost a lost art. I have a deep reverence when it comes to the Katana, and even though I love my humble blade, I can only dream of being worthy of becoming one with the types of weapons that Watanabe San creates… Thanks for sharing Etsy.

Kush Groove

Currently enjoying this tune immensely…


Spirit Fingers

Art can be found in the most unusual places and the web allows access to many hidden talents. You can agree to disagree on the amount of said artistry but that is a different argument altogether. When I painted my hands as a child and even when I paint my niece’s face, I never imagined you could take just a bit further… Guido Daniele has all but perfected the painted torso and his hand painting is simply amazing. I am definitely borrowing some inspiration the next time Teagan wants her favorite animal painted on her hand or arm.

Eagle Hands by Guido Daniele