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Track Day

Got an opportunity to spend the day at California Speedway – it was a blast. I sacrificed some tire wear and suspension geometry but I dropped my time throughout the day and that’s what counts. If she weren’t my daily driver I would have pushed her even harder, but I was getting my bearings sorted out while I got comfortable with the all wheel drive. She’s heavier than my previous M3 but doesn’t slide around as much, which was nice. Doing 132 on the oval was a highlight of the day…

California Speedway

Car Nerd

I’ve been into cars for longer than I can remember. So long ago in fact that I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t fawning over a certain car or longing for the day when I would be able to drive on my own. My love began with the simplest of things; the smell of new tires, the feeling of a car at speed, the act of shifting gears and the slight pause that it caused as the clutch re-engaged… As I grew up my appreciation for these horseless carriages not only continued but it grew and blossomed. I have owned some great cars up ’til now and best of all have had a lot of fun with and around them and created some priceless memories.

Today, I still get a kick out of doing a perfect rev match or hitting an apex correctly at my favorite race track. I have been part of multiple car communities and the one thing that I have found is that we all love cars, most of the time we have a name for our current car and we all have great stories of the cars that we’ve owned previously. We all love hearing a good story and recounting some type of adventure that includes our favorite past time.

As I watched the video below, I connected with it. It may seem a bit silly, but I am a kindred spirit and this is a great story… maybe you’ll think so too.

HBTV: Depth of Speed – The Bond from HBTV.

Green with envy

I can move a car around the track fairly well. But this clip always makes me weep in light of the expertise demonstrated. For those of you who consider yourselves racing enthusiasts, this is a master class demonstration of getting around the ring, and yeah, it’s wet…

Racers, start your engines.

The past couple of years of the “Celebrity Pro Race” have been mired with not so celebrity level entertainers. While always entertaining, it doesn’t motivate you to attend the celebrity race or care about the results. This year the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach has upped the ante and wrangled some bigger names.

I love going to the Grand Prix and I’m looking forward to it this year. If I can work some of my contact magic maybe I can find myself back in the paddocks with ‘Neo‘. Whether you’re a race fan or not, the Grand Prix offers a good time and hopefully there won’t be too much of a damper from the economic hiccup we’re experiencing. It’s definitely worth it to see and hear a race car rip down the straight away at 200mph.

I’ll see you at the races.

The fast and the not so furious

98 mph on the straight away, four wheel drift on the deep sweeper. There’s nothing better than getting an apex dead on and I had more good than bad this time around. For those of you who are even the least bit curious about pushing your car to its limits, find a driving class, get yourself a helmet and have a little fun. Better yet, find someone to lend you the car – that always works the best… Thanks Audi.

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out…

Anyone with the least bit of media access could go on and on for days about our current administration – I’ll take another tact. I’ll let the President speak for himself and you can make your own judgment.

S4 Unveiled

After a 12 year relationship with BMW I have switched camps. I think in retrospect this decision is due to age more than any issues I ever had with my beloved M3s. Some of you know that Karen and I were hoping on having children and my choice of cars were taking that into account. So, with the possibility of an impending baby, the gear that comes along with them and our love for the whole fishing / camping / snowboarding trifecta, it looked like my next car would turn out to be an SUV.

I have been test driving cars for the past 7 months, patiently waiting for a spark to kindle my fancy, hoping that there might be a small chance that I would at least fall in ‘like‘ with something that didn’t carry the hallowed ‘M’ badge. I have been behind the wheel of an all-road, an LR2, LR3 and the Range Rover Sport. I have also flirted with the likes of the X3, the X5 and Q7. In between some of the more practical choices I was trying to make I broke down and spun the wheels on a Ferrari Mondial, an M5, a Lotus Elise (front runner in this category), a Porsche Boxster and 911 and the e46 version of my venerable M coupe.

Somewhere along the way of this crazy journey Karen and I found out that we wouldn’t be having children and the whole car thing got put on the back burner. So we pondered our plight and I waited – and I waited… That waiting finally came to an end 2 weeks ago.


After spending two minutes behind the wheel of the S4 I knew I had found the replacement for my current set of wheels. And the best part is that in a sea of metallic grey and black you will never mistake which Audi is mine…


I’m driving a what..?

Things in the automobile world are a bit fuzzy at times. Many auto companies share ownership of brands and technology and there are times when those relationships aren’t all that clear. The waters get even muddier when platform sharing is thrown in for good measure. Sometimes the decisions are good and sometimes they are questionable at best; I mean seriously, would you buy a Volvo XC70 if you knew that it was built on a Ford Mondeo platform!?

Well, if you’re curious about where your wheels of choice sit in the big scheme of things Jalopnik has made it a bit easier. Behold the Automotive Family Tree:


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If James Bond was German

He’d be driving the Audi R8. You can check out the latest offering from Audi in one of the sweetest Flash sites that I’ve seen. Even if you don’t agree with the design of the car the site is very clean and has some animations that rival most car racing games. You can take a gander at what a Lambourghini Gallardo would look like if it was affordable and reliable here.


[ winamp is currently decoding: Can’t Sleep by Above & Beyond ]


This has got to be the sexiest convertible on the road. Take a look at the Aston and decide for yourself… Click for the Pics.