While being at the hospital feels like you’re watching paint dry on the walls, Hospice turns out to be very different. After a single meeting with a hospice coordinator at Kaiser, we chose the company that we wanted to work with and within a couple of hours, we had a hospital bed, oxygen equipment, medications and personnel, on an already predetermined schedule.

Having the Hospice team turn up at the house, helped with a little distraction, there is a lot to pay attention to and quite a few medications to label and familiarize yourself with. This last step of course means, that the doctor’s prognosis is somehow cementing itself around you. There is a finality to this phase of my mom’s care.

We need to shift our lives for a bit and we’re both figuring out how this is going to work. Karen has volunteered to be point and I am going to try and get as much work time in before I need to ask for either vacation or a possible work-from-home scenario.

Mom’s partial face paralysis continues and there is an occasional bout of throwing-up but we’re still optimistic. The key is to focus on the journey ahead, the destination is not appealing in the least…

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