Mandatory time off

This year my company decided to make everyone enjoy some time off in between Christmas and New Year’s. I usually take the time off anyway, but it is rather annoying. I’m doing my usual miscellaneous and left over projects in and around the house. Spending time with friends that we don’t see all that often and of course, taking in the assessment of this past year and making plans for 2012. reports another 2,132 tracks listened in 2011. My Nook reports that I’ve read 23 books this year. I’ve slogged through 7 video games and Netflix reports another 52 movies under my belt. I managed to keep my New Year’s resolution of doing just one thing a day (think of it as a task list type of endeavor) but I think I’m going to add some more constructive things to the matrix for 2012.

This next year I’ve decided to tackle 4 projects each quarter and devote 1 hour a day to the activity and see what happens. So, for 2012 here are the plans – along with all the aforementioned madness and my ongoing martial arts training I will be doing the following: First Quarter will be more time behind my NS7. Second quarter I will be focusing on my freehand drawing skills. Third quarter, I’m going to pick up my guitar again and actually take some lessons. Finally, for the last quarter of the year, I will be busy making my way to conversational French.

I like the idea of spending an hour a day and focus on one thing and I’m already planning for 2013… Ventriloquism, Sign Language, Golf, Target Shooting… the list goes on and I think it will be interesting to track my progress and see how well I managed to keep to my goals. 2011 was a good year but it’s time to take it up a notch…

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