Font Nerd

Everyone has a favorite typeface and font designer, right? Well, I guess it is pretty rare that any of us other than designers even care about typography. Take it from me, type can be discipline of beautiful proportions – no pun intended… Without getting into too much geekery, let me just say “the web looks better in PT Sans”. And if you want to elevate your game and make web browsing beautiful you can get it here:

Font Squirrel presents: PT Sans

If you want to go for the gold then I would recommend also getting Ti92Pluspc for your mono spaced typeface needs. This is a great font for terminal and coding duties. Both fonts will really improve readability in any browser, just make sure that you force the browser to always use your fonts instead of implementing its own.

Windows users, you know where to put these files. Mac people, might I suggest your /library/fonts directory.

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