Wrapping up

The parking lots are starting to get fuller and the media blitz that accompanies Christmas is in full swing. Somehow we are closing in another new year and it’s still a surprise, sort of. The year has been a blur of half baked plans, trips, get-togethers, concerts, tears, laughter and moments of quiet solitude. It’s been a blast. I’m sure that the next 3 weeks will go by quickly but I’m looking forward to trying new things and pushing myself a bit more in 2012. Karen and I will be celebrating 10 years of marriage next year and that’s hard to believe… Well, not really, but it’s still a pretty good milestone.

So yeah, things are on a definite upswing and we’re enjoying it for what its worth. We’ve made an extra effort to remove ourselves from most ‘life equations’ and an even better effort at ‘purposeful living’. What else can you do – right?

I’m looking forward to Christmas celebrations and New Year’s Resolutions; I’ve got some ideas I want to try out for the new year and re-inventing yourself is never easy, but it can be a lot of fun if you embrace it completely. Whether everything turns out to be status quo in 2012 or the planet falls into galactic oblivion, it will find me playing life as loud as I can, for as long I can…

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