Stuffing and all that good stuff

Thanksgiving dinner was wonderful and definitely worth all the effort that was put in. All the family favorites were served up with the usual magic that Karen can muster. Now as she has moved on from a mere helper in the kitchen and center piece creator to an integral part of the feast I can’t help but look on in wonder. There is a lot of time and preparation that goes into this Cadillac of seasonal meals and now that I’ve been pulled into it I have a new appreciation. Karen continues to put her own personal spin on the standard fare and her signature style is definitely being stamped on our turkey extravaganza.

Despite all the changes and ups & downs so far, we’re a family again, and that is what this day is all about. My last fleeting thought is hoping that you’re having a fantastic Thanksgiving day as well, wherever you may be celebrating it…

Thanksgiving 2011

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