Car Nerd

I’ve been into cars for longer than I can remember. So long ago in fact that I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t fawning over a certain car or longing for the day when I would be able to drive on my own. My love began with the simplest of things; the smell of new tires, the feeling of a car at speed, the act of shifting gears and the slight pause that it caused as the clutch re-engaged… As I grew up my appreciation for these horseless carriages not only continued but it grew and blossomed. I have owned some great cars up ’til now and best of all have had a lot of fun with and around them and created some priceless memories.

Today, I still get a kick out of doing a perfect rev match or hitting an apex correctly at my favorite race track. I have been part of multiple car communities and the one thing that I have found is that we all love cars, most of the time we have a name for our current car and we all have great stories of the cars that we’ve owned previously. We all love hearing a good story and recounting some type of adventure that includes our favorite past time.

As I watched the video below, I connected with it. It may seem a bit silly, but I am a kindred spirit and this is a great story… maybe you’ll think so too.

HBTV: Depth of Speed – The Bond from HBTV.

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