The idea to take mom home came to us a while ago. It was with fierce determination that we made plans, bought tickets and prepared ourselves for the task ahead. We knew that the trip wasn’t going to be easy, but also knew that it would be rewarding. We crossed our fingers and hoped for the best, unfortunately, we had some setbacks along the way and no less then 4 days before we left we decided that we would have to leave mom home. The decision was bittersweet but we consoled ourselves in it’s correctness.

And just like that, the overall tempo of the trip changed. We managed to get the airline ticket exchanged and my nephew Chris was able to join us. Twelve hours later we found ourselves in Amsterdam and our adventure began as quickly as we got there.

Karen, Brittany, Kyle and I joined Tessa and her boyfriend Menno at Paradiso where we got to see The Kooks. Even though we were a bit grubby from the flight and tired from the travel we had a great evening. Our vacation was in full swing.

Karen found us a wonderful place to stay (Vinca Minor) and we were greeted by an expansive property out in the countryside, located in what the Dutch term as their “Bible Belt”. We woke up to a scenic back yard and plenty of exploring. Brittany became fast friends with the horses on the property and the boys and I found some space where I could teach them some Limalama.

The following 11 days consisted of almost daily excursions, day trips and sightseeing. We visited many a small town, rode bikes in the northern part of the country, explored Amsterdam and hosted the Dutch half of our family to an American BBQ. I’ve never had so much ice cream in my life and I definitely miss the traditional Dutch breakfast fixings.

Karen and I had a wonderful vacation and it only made us long for the time that we would be able to move abroad and begin a new chapter in our lives together. There is so much to appreciate about Europe and The Netherlands is one of a few favorite countries that we know we would be happy in.

All too soon the trip was over but we have great memories and of course… pictures.

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