Blogger FTP -> WordPress (The easy way)

Here’s a brief synopsis of how I managed to get past the hurdle of converting my FTP based Blogger blog to WordPress. Your mileage will vary of course… I say this because I didn’t use comments and all my pictures were stored locally. I’ve read that these tend to be problematic when you move your content over but I also had small issues of my own, which included embedded videos and image links to other sites. Once I saw these problems after the conversion I just went back and edited the posts to make the embedded content work again. I only went back and fixed the past 2 years. I figure anything older than that can take the hit.

So, without any further commentary here’s the 411.

Login to your Blogger account. Click on the Settings Tab. Click on the Basic menu option. Click on the Export Blog link. Doing this will generate an .xml file that you will download to your local computer. Save it somewhere you can locate easily.

Now, take your Browser to the Blogger2WordPress Conversion Utility. Click on the Browse button and locate the .xml file you’ve just saved from Blogger. Once this is loaded, click on the Convert button. Doing this will generate another .xml file that you will be prompted to save. Save this file somewhere you can locate easily.

Once you’ve completed the above steps you’re ready to import it into WordPress. Login to your Admin Panel in WordPress. In the bottom left hand corner click on the Tools Menu. Then Click on the Import and on the page with all the platforms, click on Blogger. Browse to the .xml file export that you saved and wait for it to import all your posts. Once this is done everything should be all ready.

At this point, spend some time going through the posts and doing whatever minor clean up is left…

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