Making 2MP better

Sometimes I miss the smell of the chemicals and the funny martini shaker can where film would begin it’s journey to the printed medium. The red light over the dark room always made me feel like I was a part of a submarine movie set. Such were the days of that magic semester in college when I figured out why I was there…

Flash forward 19 years later and I will admit that a new mistress has taken the place of so many burning and dodging exercises. In the same way I strayed from a career in communications I also gave in to digital photography.

Of course, I compromise more than Karen does for the sake of our hobby. While she is willing to be everywhere with her D300 in tow, I often find myself  with nothing more than my iPhone.

While my favorite gadget does well despite it’s limitations I am always interested in ways to “spice things up”. My latest escape from boredom comes in the form of a great little app: Hipstamatic.

Though enchanted I have been with our Brownie, our Holga, our home made Lomo cam, my Dad’s Hasselblad and Rolleiflex and of course our Nikon I get bored very easily. That, and I don’t feel like carrying something around all the time… yes, my Photography professor would cringe, but hey – I like to travel light.

There are some pretty good photo apps for this silly little phone, and all of them add a little more life to a very underrated 2 Mega Pixel sensor. If you get bored like me, or you just want to do something different give ’em a try. It certainly can’t hurt…

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