Blu-Ray Goodness

Long before the dust settled in the war of the new gen video disc formats, I knew that at some point I’d migrate to the winner when the time was right. So I waited, and at first I cast my vote in with HD DVD. Time moved on and between all the bickering going on between both sides the hardware stayed expensive and the media was priced beyond what I thought was acceptable.

Now, the war is over, Sony managed a great coup and Blu-Ray is here to stay… After doing some homework I realized that the migration would be a bit costly since Blu-Ray brings new audio formats to the table. With all the space available on the new media, studios are now able to release uncompressed versions of their soundtracks with fancy new titles likes Dolby True HD and DTS Master HD. This of course means that if you’re going to squeeze the new sound out in your living room, you’ll need a receiver that understands these codecs – mine did not.

My Christmas came early this year when my friend Dennis started his own company and managed to land his first gig at Sony Studios. Thanks to his employer I was able to get my hands on a Blu-Ray player and new ES line receiver at pricing that I could only dream of. After spending 3 hours setting everything up and calibrating both units I must say that I am blown away yet again, much like the first time I experienced my first DVD. Now as I look into the not so distant future I may have to cash in my final TV return to Costco and get a shiny new Bravia Television to enjoy the higher res of 1080p.

While I can’t recommend the new format to everyone based on price consideration, when you finally get around to it, you won’t be disappointed.

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