From the moment after Steve’s words lingered in the air during the keynote speech, I knew I wanted one. Mind reeling with the possibilities, I held my breath waiting for the other shoe to drop. What about the price? Who will the carrier be? As the moments wore on the situation worsened. If price wasn’t the only barrier to overcome there was also an issue with the carrier. I immediately set a max amount of what I was willing to pay for the newest glimmer of tech joy from one of my favorite companies. When it was obvious that the new iPhone was to exceed my $400 ceiling and that the main supplier of the line would be AT&T; my heart sank. Oh well, not for me.

After vowing that I would never return to AT&T; (actually, Cingular), I decided to wait until other companies decided to enter the foray and try to deliver the same golden promise that Apple would be putting in the the hands of the few over the coming months. So, I have been patiently waiting for the device to be improved and a new carrier to be added. Well, one of those things happened…

I have had my iPhone 3G for 4 weeks now. I came by the phone through work so I have not had to endure the monthly costs but I have lost the phone number that I have had for the past 8 years. Well, I guess you can’t build a democracy without eliminating some native people, right..?

My experience with the famed gadget has been bittersweet. I imagine that it can be compared to dating a super model, or at least the stereotype of sorts. While the iPhone shines as a beacon of what a communications device should be – intuitive, intelligent and adaptive – it also serves as a reminder that sometimes you can’t be everything to everyone. In all my experience in the IT field and after owning more than my fair share of gadgets I would have to say that the ‘phone’ part of the iPhone equation is utter crap. Never have I owned a product that has worked so miserably and without apology. In the past 4 weeks I have been a victim to slow speeds, lock-ups, restarts, usb connect/disconnect issues, horrible reception, no reception, SIM problems, charging issues, syncing problems and of course the famed no service error. Out of every phone that I’ve had to date (I’ve had 13) this phone has worked the worst.

Like the metaphor, the iPhone is beautiful and when it works (with WiFi and no less) it is a thing of magic; web browsing, RSS feeds, movie trailers, calendar, e-mail, games and my venerable iPod make this the singular fusion of technologies. Of course, the entire experience is tainted when the phone acts up and refuses to cooperate for even the most mundane of tasks – being a phone.

As I continue to struggle in a relationship that I know I should stop, I continue to be persuaded to give it just one more chance. Now, with update 2.1 around the corner I have a small glimmer of hope. Who knows maybe my gadget mistress will see the light and realize that we can co-exist happily together if it just decides to uphold it’s part of the bargain. Then again, maybe I’ll just wind up getting an Ocean… only time will tell.

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