S4 Unveiled

After a 12 year relationship with BMW I have switched camps. I think in retrospect this decision is due to age more than any issues I ever had with my beloved M3s. Some of you know that Karen and I were hoping on having children and my choice of cars were taking that into account. So, with the possibility of an impending baby, the gear that comes along with them and our love for the whole fishing / camping / snowboarding trifecta, it looked like my next car would turn out to be an SUV.

I have been test driving cars for the past 7 months, patiently waiting for a spark to kindle my fancy, hoping that there might be a small chance that I would at least fall in ‘like‘ with something that didn’t carry the hallowed ‘M’ badge. I have been behind the wheel of an all-road, an LR2, LR3 and the Range Rover Sport. I have also flirted with the likes of the X3, the X5 and Q7. In between some of the more practical choices I was trying to make I broke down and spun the wheels on a Ferrari Mondial, an M5, a Lotus Elise (front runner in this category), a Porsche Boxster and 911 and the e46 version of my venerable M coupe.

Somewhere along the way of this crazy journey Karen and I found out that we wouldn’t be having children and the whole car thing got put on the back burner. So we pondered our plight and I waited – and I waited… That waiting finally came to an end 2 weeks ago.


After spending two minutes behind the wheel of the S4 I knew I had found the replacement for my current set of wheels. And the best part is that in a sea of metallic grey and black you will never mistake which Audi is mine…


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