I love it when a plan comes together

With the advent of digital photography and music downloads I’ve been facing the dilemma of needing a new hard drive more often than I would like. Now, I’m finally at the point that losing our media library due to a failed drive would probably involve a lot of weeping and gnashing of teeth…

A couple of months ago I decided to remedy this problem but trying to find a perfect solution has been difficult. My main criteria was 1GB on the NIC, Media server capabilities, USB 2.0 hub and some type of redundancy – preferably a RAID configuration. There were few solutions that were fast enough for my tastes (I stream content to my XBMC) and not complicated by the addition of client software or loud cooling mechanisms.

On a fluke visit to Micro Center over the weekend I found a solution that works out great (in the clearance section no less) and will protect my data so I can rest at night without worrying about losing all my music files: Buffalo Tech’s TeraStation Home Server


If you’re interested in something similar you should either look into something like the TeraStation or the Drobo. Both are equally good but I just couldn’t see spending top dollar for the Drobo. There are also smaller NAS units available from Netgear and similar vendors but they all have quirks or don’t have the higher Ethernet connection speeds.

So far its working like a champ and its quieter than having a dedicated workstation sharing folders on a local drive. As an added bonus; it looks cool too…

[ winamp is currently decoding: By This River by Martin L Gore ]

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