The Future is Blu… Whatever.

Well, by now the fall out of the Warner Brother’s announcement made at CES is becoming painfully obvious. There are already shouts of victory from the Blu-Ray camp and the HD DVD group is definitely back-pedaling as they slash prices on their media and their hardware.

Now, this news is bittersweet for me. I was a staunch supporter of HD DVD (for my own tech geek reasons), so for now, it looks like my side has lost. Oh well, I was on the right side for the DIVX vs DVD debacle but that was a little obvious. Of course, when you hear about Sony’s “pay-offs” it’s not hard to realize why Blu-Ray got the leg up. The down side is that my format of choice has lost, but on the other hand… now that it looks like we have a clear winner we can get on to the business of lowering prices and fattening up the movie libraries.

While I may be tempted to revisit such releases like “The Fifth Element” or possibly the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy I will not be re-buying everything. After all, that would be expensive – at currently count I have 1132 DVDs… The only real drawback to this whole thing is that the only way to get the new lossless audio formats is to upgrade my receiver – damn. Don’t get me wrong, I love buying new gadgets but I was hoping just to skate by on a new player, alas, that is not going to be the case.

I’m still hoping there will be a miraculous turn around in this whole thing but when you pony up millions of dollars like Sony did, you expect to keep everyone in the fold. My hats off to you Sony, it was a pretty good coup.

As a closer, I leave you with this brief clip detailing the derailment of the HD DVD format. Its insight is priceless. (Warning, the following clip contains some expletives – small children might find it hilarious even if they don’t get the gist of the various references made)

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